Ethel-Ruth Tawe (b.1994, Yaoundé, Cameroon) is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist with a keen interest in engaging dialogue on identity, alternate realities and diasporic cultures. She holds an MSc in Development Studies (2018) from SOAS University of London and a BA (Hons) in International Human Rights with a minor in Art History & Criticism (2016). Her BA research examined the effectiveness and prospects of international programs and regional provisions geared toward safeguarding tangible and intangible cultural heritage in Africa. Her Masters research interrogates the construct of citizenship from primarily African epistemologies, case studying insurgency, politics of recognition and postcolonial ideology in her birth home Cameroon. 

Living in The UK, Netherlands, England, The US, Kenya, Tanzania, and Cameroon has informed her diverse approach to artistic experimentation. Her passion for art was born out of her heritage: landscapes, sounds, ancestral manifestations, and spirited cultures of Home. She commends the ongoing cultural renaissance in Africa and the Diaspora. Many of her works showcase these visual cultures and aim to cultivate discourse about 
panafricanism, afrofuturism and social alchemy. As an intersectionalist, other subjects celebrate the resilience of women of color as healers, warriors, and creators. They strive to create and capture a retrospective alignment between the past, present and future. 



Photography & Co-direction: Ethel Tawe

Co-Direction: Abena Boamah

Models: Abena Boamah, Tasia Cobbinah & Dela Anku