Ethel-Ruth Tawe (b.1994, Yaoundé, Cameroon) is a multidisciplinary artist, editor, and creative consultant, exploring African identity and diaspora cultures through visual storytelling. Cyclical conceptions of time are central to her practice which examines Africa’s ancient futures from a magical realist lens. Image-making, storytelling, and time-travelling compose the framework of her inquiry. Ethel holds an MSc in Development Studies from SOAS University of London and a BA (Hons) in International Human Rights with a minor in Art History & Criticism. Her research analysed provisions to safeguard tangible and intangible cultural heritage in Africa, and interrogated the construct of citizenship and belonging from primarily African epistemologies.

Living in Cameroon, Tanzania, Kenya, The US, UK, Netherlands, and Ghana has informed her diverse approach to artistic experimentation. Her passion was born out of the landscapes, sounds, oral traditions, and spirited cultures of Home. Many of her works showcase these visual cultures and aim to cultivate discourse about panafrican identity and the archive.


Ethel is currently based between West Africa and Europe where she works with brands seeking to amplify african arts & culture through multimedia. 

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As seen in 'Autonomy, Activism & Art Direction'

Published by Shades of Noir