How can I purchase your artwork?

You can purchase original artworks via fillIing out the COMMISSION FORM, also found under the 'Shop' section of the website for future reference. For any special requests or unlisted works please feel free to CONTACT ME.

How much do you charge for original artwork?

Prices vary depending on a range of considerations, some of which are listed within the commission form. Please fill out this COMMISSION FORM to recieve a price quote / rate card.

Can you ship to any country?

Worldwide shipping is available where a valid address is provided for tracking and registration. All shipping costs covered by the client. Shipping costs are calcuated prior to execution and are included in the final invoice.

How do I make a payment?

MAKE A PAYMENT HERE >> All payments are processed securely through the portal and any bank card or currency will be accepted. Kindly contact me to request alternative payment methods. Donations are also accepted through this portal. Thank you for your kind support.

What are your available Payment Plans?

With prio agreement and approval for higher sum payments, an installment plan can be arrange. Deposits are required for each project prior to commencing the work after an agreement has been made. Upfront payment may be required for some unamendable work (depending on the nature of the work). MAKE A PAYMENT HERE >>

Can I use a photo of your artwork?

No. Prior agreement should always be sought and granted before my artwork is used. See "Copyright" under Terms & Conditions for the terms of usage / personal and commercial compliance.

Do you accept commissions for digital work?

Yes. I accept graphic design, digital collage, and photography commissions. Please see some sample work in my PORTFOLIO, see my services HERE, and fill in the COMMISSION FORM.



  1. All commissions are processed via the commission form or via email.  Emailed requests should still answer all the questions in the form.

  2. Using the information you provide, a price quote is calculated and sent to you.

  3. Email correspondence, calls, or any preferred communication will follow, to ensure mutual understanding of your request. Depending on the nature of the commission, thumbnail sketches, a vision board, or concept write-up may be sent and discussed. 

  4. A tentative date of issue, a Payment Plan* and any special terms (e.g royalties or licensing) are agreed upon and a final invoice is generated to initiate the transaction. 

  5. Your artwork is created and preview images are sent to you for review. One to two (1 — 2) revisions may be permitted/included but further revisions are negotiable at a cost. 

  6. The final artwork is track shipped to your address (if physical), emailed to you (if digital), or arrangeable for pick up by you or an authorized person.  Original paintings will NOT include frames. The final product will include a Certificate of Authenticity (physical or digital), outlining any special terms if applicable.





Art prints are reproductions of an artwork to be distinguished from 'originals' which are the primary works handmade by the Artist. 


Limited Edition prints are art prints which have a set number produced, signed, and numbered directly by me. Once they are sold out, they will not be sold again, deeming their exclusivity and value. These come on offer occasionally but can be requested/inquired about via email. These prints are not listed on the Society6 online store. 




All signed and unsigned artwork, drawings, paintings, photographs, written works, digital and graphic design is protected by the provisions of international law on Intellectual Property and is copyrighted  © Ethel-Ruth Tawe (The Artist). Do not infringe the rights relating to such elements by reproducing, displaying, modifying, adapting, translating, extracting and / or reusing a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part; to the excluding acts necessary for their normal and properly credited function.


The Artist owns all rights to the work unless explicitly licensed via contractual agreement. Any reproduction therefore is prohibited and constitutes an infringement to its detriment. Any full or partial reproduction may constitute unlawful production liable to prosecution for counterfeiting.


The sale of a work does not transfer to its buyer the right to reproduction. No exploitation and particularly any commercial use is permitted without consent and compensation. Any third party will be subject to prior negotiation and agreement with the Artist.