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2 AFTERIMAGES_RELE_2023-5721.png

Installation at Rele Gallery, Lagos Nigeria



Single-channel video installation

Prompted by a hyperawareness of my geolocation, this work emerged retroactively as an afterimage of a visit to Lagos, Nigeria. Constellations of parabolic antennas (or ‘satellites dishes’) mounted on countless structures throughout the city, were reminiscent of my birthplace in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Despite being only some 1300 kilometres away, questions of dis/placement and identity loom over Cameroon, contributing to my years away from home.

IN_PROXIMITY is concerned with spatial memory, omnipresence, surveillance and access. (Re)capturing and (re)visiting images of these objects across Lagos and Yaoundé via online satellite technologies, I attempt to retrieve and map the lucidity of my proximal memories. The montage of bitmapped images allows for collective witnessing and rumination on the ‘static interference’ that may occur within our often incomplete memories of place, as well as the ‘missing signals’ and omission of certain sites from digital archives. The white-noise animates these images at a velocity that complicates their space/time continuum. We are tasked with untangling cycles of loss and retrieval embedded within our perceived timelines.

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