This rolling series explores the timelessness of African ontologies and spirituality, by intersecting nature and technology. It venerates African feminine deities, immortalising engagement with ancient traditions that challenge patriarchal constructs and the policing of marginalised bodies.


By incorporating archival images, ‘Guardians’ further questions the context and gaze of image-making in Africa across space and time. Colonial images often aimed to capture Africans as disengaged subjects, likened to statues, printed on postcards and sent off to Europe as memorabilia of Empire. Now using digital collage to ‘reactivate’ these images with the guidance and teachings from our storytelling traditions, the series seeks to dispel imposed narratives, examine acts of refusal, and creative alternative worlds beyond these confines. It envisions identities rooted in shared spiritual histories. This is in dialogue with postcolonial visual culture, where the camera became an instrument of agency and self-determination, reflecting the lived experiences and decolonised imaginations of African people.