This rolling series explores African ontologies and spiritualities, showcasing their timelessness through a futurist lens. Intersecting nature and technology, the ‘Guardians’ series venerates African feminine deities, immortalizing engagement with ancient traditions that challenge patriarchy, gender constructs, and the policing of women’s bodies.


By incorporating historical images, ‘Guardians’ further questions the context and gaze of image-making in colonial Africa, offering an alternate reality. Africans were often captured as disengaged subjects, likened to statues, printed on postcards and sent back to Europe to serve as memorabilia of the Empire. Now using digital collage to ‘breathe life’ into these images, the series seeks to dispel colonial narratives, reclaim and reimagine ‘pan-African ancient futures’. It shifts the gaze from ‘othering’ to envisioning identities rooted in shared histories and dreams. This aims to contribute to the discourse and visual culture that emerged in post-colonial Africa, where imagery became an instrument of agency and self-determination, reflecting the lived experiences, metaphysics, and imaginations of African people.